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Szentendre tour
(3-4 hours)

If you would like to stroll in a peaceful village in the Danube Bend region we can take youwith a 25-minute drive from Budapest to this colourful picturesque Artist's Village called Szentendre. We walk around the baroque settlement, built on medieval ruins and go along the narrow streets up to the panorama point to enjoy the special atmosphere of the village. We stop at the Confectionery Museum (buildings and people made of marzipan) and we visit the Margit Kovacs Ceramic Museum.

(3-4 hours)

Gödöllő is the former summer residence of Queen Elisabeth (Sissi) and Francis Joseph (Habsburg Emperor & Hungarian king 1867-1916). Did you know that Sissi spoke Hungarian fluently and loved Hungarian people very much? The interior visit in the beautifully renovated Palace will get you closer to those times under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You will be touched by the secrets of the private life, the hidden doors, the bedrooms and the lovers of the royal couple.

Danube Bend tour

(7-8 hours)

The Danube Bend - an excursion into Hungary's history. This is an unforgettable tour along the "Blue Danube" with three stops in three cities: Visegrád, Esztergom and Szentendre.
Visegrád: we will take a walk on the 750 year-old stones of the formal Royal Residence, learn about life in the middle ages and enjoy the fascinating panorama on the Danube valley.
Esztergom: the Northern gate of Budapest - the centre of the Catholic Church. We will visit the largest cathedral of Hungary (also the burial place of the most important cardinals of Hungary, like József Mindszenty). Afterwards, we glance across the river and enjoy the view of Slovakia.
Szentendre: On the way back we stop in the artist's village of Szentendre. It is a small baroque city at the gate of the Danube Bend, at the meeting point of the river Danube and the Pilis mountains, in a beautiful natural environment. We walk around the baroque settlement, built on medieval ruins and go up the narrow streets to the panorama point to see the Danube. We then simply enjoy the special atmosphere of this village. You can also take the opportunity to visit the museums (for example the world-famous Margit Kovács Ceramic Museum, the Confectionery Museum-with buildings and people made of marzipan), or you can simply opt out and visit the shops of the village.

Puszta tour
(7-8 hours)

A lovely relaxing day in the Puszta starts with the visit of the main sights of the city of Kecskemét (guided walk), then continues with a drive to the town of Lajosmizse, where you are invited for a welcome drink. The horse-show what we are going to see is an artistic performance of the well skilled horsemen, followed by the options of horse or carriage riding. After the activities, there is a very typical and delicious countryside lunch (3 course menu with Hungarian wine) served in the "Csárda" (typical Hungarian restaurant) accompanied by gypsy music. After lunch we drive back to Budapest.

Herend and Lake Balaton tour

(8 hours)

Herend is a world-famous Hungarian hand-made and hand painted porcelain. It is called Herend, because the factory (founded in 1826) is located in the little village of Herend. The tradition of painting the highly successful patterns and creating the spectacular cups, saucers and figurines is passed down from generation to generation.
After a guided tour through
Hungary’s largest porcelain factory, you will have the opportunity to buy Herend china, and we will also have a coffee break before we leave the Herend Porcelanium behind.
We continue to the Lake Balaton, the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe, located at the foot of the volcanic hills of the so called Balaton Uplands. Of course we will have a lunch break at a typical Hungarian restaurant, a “Csárda” (3 course menu with Hungarian wine).
After lunch, we also drive to the capital of the northern rim of the lake, Balatonfüred, to take a walk on the most beautiful promenade of
Hungary (Promenade Thagore).
After visiting Balatonfüred, we drive back to
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