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We were born in Budapest in 1976 as identical twins. We have a very special and a funny life.

We’ve always liked to take advantage of being identical twins, even at a very early age. Of course not always with success, as some of our teachers realized the trick at university so we could not take the tests anymore instead of the other. This was a real shock, because Mesi was never good at mathematics and Kriszti always hated marketing. Nevertheless, (thanks to God), we have a totally different taste when it comes to boys

Already at the age of 14, we knew that we would want to work with people, so we specialized in tourism. We have been in the tourism industry for 12 years. In the off-season, we like to travel, play cards, play soccer, ride a horse; Mesi also plays the piano very well. We both are very fond of music, so we often sing to our tourists.

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