English / Espanol Twintours private tour guide

Half day city Tour (3-4 hours)
(walking or by minivan)

During the tour we visit the most famous sites of Budapest. First we show you the beautiful Heroes' Square with the City park and ’Dracula’s Castle’. Then we take the most famous avenue, the so called Andrassy Avenue to downtown Pest, pass by the Opera House and the St Stephen's Basilica. We pass by the Parliament and the second stop is in the Castle District. After visiting the Matthias Church and Fishermen' Bastion you will have a chance to have a coffee specialty in Sissi's most favourite coffee house. 

Full day city Tour (7-8 hours)
(walking or by minivan)

We stop in the Castle District and during a short walk, we show you the most important sights of the area. We walk to the Matthias Church and to the Fishermen's Bastion. Next, we drive to Gellért Hill (Citadell) and show you the most spectacular panoramic view of Budapest. We will take you to the spectacular Central Market Hall, and then to the largest Synagogue of Europe. We will have lunch in a local restaurant; lunch break is generally 1 hour. After lunch we pass by Europe's largest thermal spa, the Széchenyi Spa, the Budapest Zoo and the Amusement Park. We will take another little walk on the Heroes' Square (with statues of the most famous Hungarian kings and dukes). Then we take the Andrássy Avenue to downtown Pest, pass by the Opera House and the St Stephen's Basilica.

Music tour (4 hours)
(by minivan)

We recommend this tour for those, who are fascinated by music, and would like to learn more about great Hungarian music composers and their works.
During the tour we visit the B
éla Bartók Memorial House, the Kodály and the Liszt museum. We will also pass by the Opera House.
We can also teach you beautiful Hungarian songs (one of them was sang by Freddie Mercury).
You will learn about lots of interesting things, for example, about the tonic sol-fa system which was championed by the most famous Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály.

Communist tour (3-4 hours)

Go back to the good old times when we drove Trabants, drank spirits at work, lived in block flats, stayed in Banana Lines, had two passports and coupon books, but no TV broadcasts on Mondays and no freedom of speech! We visit the Statue Park with all the statues that once stayed on the streets and squares of Budapest. Did you know that Hungary is one of the rear former socialist countries where these gigantesque statues were not destroyed but collected to an open air museum? After the Park we take you to the House of Terror to show you the exhibition related to the fascist takeover, followed by hardcore communist dictatorial regimes in 20th century of Hungary. The museum will give you an insight to the ages of fear and incomprehensible brutality.

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